Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Marriage tip #3: Honesty is the best Policy...just remember GRACE

Alex and I are still learning to live the first year of married life together with one being in school and there other in full-time ministry.   We did so well in the Fall and then 2009 came.  I wish I could tell you what exactly happened but that is whole other blog.  This one is about how lately I have been not so sure if Alex still desired me.  I knew he did but the verbal confirmation wasn't there and words are one of my love-languages.  So when I calmly addressed the issue in a way I wanted to communicate with Alex and letting him know in the process that I, indeed loved him, it was one of the best talks yet.  It didn't cause a doubt in him about what I was saying, I felt like I was heard and well received and it was a wonderful night celebrate the "successful talk". 
The point being, we wives probably has experienced the following at one point or another:  our husbands can be completely a "man's man" and pretty much anyone can say whatever to him and it doesn't matter all that much.....except you.  If you say it, then you can truly cut deep.  We are to be wise with our words and smart on the battles we choice to take on.  Especially when they are under a lot of pressure.  They need to know they do not fail you and they are our knights in shiny armor.  They want to be there for us and if we are not careful, dare even sensitive with grace, we can cause more harm than Satan just what he destroy you two.