Tuesday, November 30, 2010

HomeMade Apple Pie - Pretty & Delicious!

I decided to bake an Apple Pie for Thanksgiving this year and since I get my free Subcription to Better Homes and Garden due to MyCokeRewards.com......I saw a Recipe for Cranberry-Apple Pie. Now I didn't include the Cranberries but the rest was wonderful!

I use a Recipe from the November Magazine that was easy enough, however took a little bit of time. (about 30-40 minutes) but I would dare to say FOOL-PROOF! Why would I say that? Well I did exactly as the recipe said but my crust didn't turn out anything like the picture (plus I didn't have a PASTRY BLENDER). Nevertheless, the crusts were wonderful after all was said and done!!!

I will use it again! To see the Recipe go HERE. It's also on Page 178 of the November 2010 BHG Magazine.
Then for the Apple Pie Recipe I also got this from The November 2o10 BHG Magazine (page 182). Or you can go HERE for the Recipe. Because I don't have any special tools, I did all of the peeling, de-coring, etc myself for the apples. This too me a good hour to do. After this everything else went fairly quickly. (about 30 minutes).

Since the Pastry Recipe makes 3 Servings (two were for the crust and one serving was for the topping of one of the pies), I needed another topping. So I made a strudel Topping which was just as delicious, just slightly different!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fainting Goats Montage

I saw this the other day on America's Funniest Home Videos Show. This guy snuck up on a goat, scared it, the goat froze and fell over, fainting!!! I laughed so hard and since one of my things to be Thanksful is Laughter, I thought I would share a montage of FAINTING GOATS. I hope you enjoy and get a good laugh out of it too!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

LAX Passenger (Corinne) Wears Bikini To Get Through TSA Security (Bikini...

Alex and I have talked about this new Pat-Down over the last week or so. Mostly how we both agree precautions should be taken for our safety, however the idea to me seems just not worth it for the invasion of my body.

Which then lead to how Alex said he would just wear a speedo through security in order to avoid the whole thing. Well two days later we saw this news clip on on ABCNews about a woman who wore a Bikini through airport security in order to avoid any invasive pat-downs. Too great!

Watch the below to see the whole story, in order to how you too can avoid the Pat-Down!

So what is your option is your option on the TSA Pat-Down?
Would you wear the bathing suit through security to avoid it all?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today is the letter "F"

Since Alex is still hunting and Gathering in the Deer woods...

Therefore, I'm still visiting with my parents, which has been wonderful! I can't remember the last time I spent 24 hours straight with my sister and my parents. I forget how incredibly Funny they all are and how much fun we have together! Like yesterday, we decided to go shopping (But not until about 4PM) and we had so much Fun admiring the different Fashions!

We joked about how big and long our Feet were with baby shoes, Rachael found the tallest hills in the store and tried them on (I think she really like the shoes minus she could walk in them) and we gave dad hair extensions with this hat we found at Eddie Bauer.

So today we are baking! Mama has this recipe for homemade Caramel Corn and she makes it the best out of anyone in the Family! In fact my mamaw (who is a Southern Belle Cook, YUM!) and my aunt Charlotte ask her to make it for them every year! So this year she is teaching us girls to make it!!!!
Plus we are making Fudge and then at 2:30PM we are watching the Razorbacks play LSU (Football) in Little Rock for the Battle of the Boot!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If I could, I would...Christmas!!!

I would decorate to my hearts content with Christmas lights, Christmas Trees in every room, Christmas scents, Christmas Greenery, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!!
I love this holiday for so many reasons, but this post is mostly just the fact of decorating for the Holiday Spirit. What's Holding be back?

A couple of things. For one we don't have the place to store the stuff when it's not Christmas, 2 we wouldn't be home to enjoy it. I decorated some our first year of marriage and we were home to plug in the lights only twice the whole month. The other is I am still figuring out what my Christmas Decor style would be to begin with.

Which brings me to my "If I could, I would"....what would be my style and how would I decorate if I had the space and time to enjoy it!

I love these pictures!

This "Upside Down Tree" is unique but NOT Me.

Here is a Martha Stewart Tree that I would put in the Entry Way!

I love this for the Front Door! I might add something like some RED and/or Lights!

The Pictures for Lights on the Outside. One has lights you can hang from trees and the driveway lined with lights! It's so invited even before your guests get in the door!

I enjoy the Precious Moment Nativity Scene just because my mom has one and puts it out every year. Hers isn't this big but still just as precious.

I love these Picture Stocking Holders (These are from Pottery Barn)! It helps remind you to take at least one good annual picture a year and then you can scrapbook the photo after the holiday. Another way to make great memories.

25 Days of Thankfulness


Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect upon what we are grateful for. Below I have listed my 25 things I am thankful for! (I picked 25 since Thanksgiving falls on November 25):

  1. My God! My Lord and Savior has freed me from the bondage of Sin and given me new life through Salvation and Loves me every day unconditionally!
  2. My Husband, Alex Constien. I know how few quality men are out there, especially ones that are also wonderful Men of God. I am grateful for the Man Alex is. He is my best friend and my partner for life! He lifts me up when I need it, loves me unconditionally, has faith in and completes me in every way! What a BLESSING he is in EVERY WAY GOD MADE HIM!!!
  3. Parents! My parents have taught me so much in life and have prayed me through just as much growing up! They showed me what a really loving and covenant marriage is supposed to be. My mom taught me what a woman of faith is and my dad showed me how to expect a man of honor/faith to treat me. They continue to love and support our Marriage (even though they are still learning how to spell my new last name, LOL).
  4. In-Laws. David and Vickie are Alex’s parents but I feel love from them as I do my own parents. Again I have heard horror stories of In-Laws and I am grateful for such loving and warm welcome into such a gracious family. Also for the wonderful job they did raising such a wonderful man that I am PROUD to call my Husband!
  5. My Sister! Rachael started life as complete Opposites and even though we aren’t really the same now, God has blessed us by transforming a sibling rivlry into a new found Friendship. I admire my sister for where she has been in life. How she has allowed God to use that to get where she is now and wherever God is going to take her next. I am grateful I get to serve our God and ministry together and the unreserved support/love I know she will always give.
  6. Family! I'm thankful to have family (aunts, uncles, cousins Grandmother)! I know how precious life is and how quickly you can lose a loved one. So I'm grateful to have family and to have opportunity to love one another.
  7. Friends! Enough Said!
  8. My Sister-in-Law and my nephew! Robyn is a lot like Rachael. We might not be a like in some ways but I know she has a huge heart of which she has graciously extended to include me. I’m thankful I can see her as a Sister and Friend! Tyler her son, is a joy to watch grow-up! Especially when I am told he is a complete replicate of my Alex! I am grateful for my other sister-in-law and look forward to getting to know her and their family more so. I am grateful for when I do get to see them!
  9. Not Moving! I think I counted once that we moved 12 times in 20 years (give or take). We have been in Fayetteville since 1995, allowing is to spend time with extended family; of whom we only saw on Holidays. And now being married, when we actually do have spare time, we can all the sooner see our families who are all here in NWA (for the most part).
  10. Laughter – LIFE could be so DULL & BORING with out this one! And Corny Jokes! I know their Corny BUT I LOVE THEM! They are easy to remember and give you a good Laugh!!! (JOKE: Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate(8) 9!)
  11. Peanut Butter! ENOUGH SAID!
  12. Mac-n-Cheese! Again ENOUGH SAID!
  13. Getting Sick! I really don’t enjoy being stuck in bed or having to take any medicine. Nevertheless, I was sick the last two weeks (roughly) and the time off was a breath of Fresh Air! I am grateful for that break!
  14. My Job!
  15. A roof over our head, food on the table, clothes in my closet and our mode of transportation. After going to Haiti last summer, these are things I know I am spoiled to have and grateful to have them!
  16. Bitsy, our sweet kitty!
  17. Deer. They give my husband that he enjoys and when he is blessed with one from a hunt it puts food on the table.
  18. Beaches!
  19. Freedom! God bless all who have, are and will give of themselves so that we might have the privilege of the freedoms we have in this Country!
  20. Electric Tooth brushes! They have saved me from having any Cavities for YEARS! (and I do not enjoy going to the DENTIST!)
  21. Thunderstorms! As I’m typing this I can here thunder rolling, YAY!
  22. Miracles! I believe these still happen everyday in our lives. They are messages from God that He is here, He hears us and provides according to His will! They Make the Lord's Presence KNOWN!
  23. Cameras! I love being creative with shots, capturing Memories and revisiting them repeatedly! All of which is possible with Cameras!
  24. My Education! It is a privilege and College was some of the best years of when I was discovering who I am.
  25. Holidays. Some of my best memories are all on a Holiday. There is family time, time away from work/school, great food, lots of laughs and a wonderful time of reflection on how blessed we ALL really are.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Emotions.....Can You Trust Them?

I remember when I was in High School Youth Group, we were in a Josh McDowell study (can't remember the name of it) and the subject was "how we can't trust our Emotions." Being someone with so many emotions, this phrase had a lasting impression on me over the last decade and a half.
"If we can't trust our Emotions, then what good are they and what do I do with them when I feel something?"
I am still working on how this fits in my life. Nevertheless, the following is what I have thus far discovered:

We legitimately Feel Emotions.
When we are hurt and feel grief, we go through a series of emotions known as the Stages of Grief (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance). When you feel pain, you may feel compelled to cry or if you are mad, you might begin to resent someone. But like anything in life,
"it doesn't matter so much as what you do but how you handle it."

When you learned how to ride a bike, you most certainly didn't get it the first time. You probably fell over several times, maybe even got to petal a bit but nevertheless you still fell over. Now it doesn't matter so much that you fell. Everyone falls. What did matter is what you did after you fell.
Did you give up? Did you kick the bike for "making you fall" and thus blaming the bike for your mistake? Did you go running off crying and thinking "I'll never get this" or "Well, riding a bike just isn't for me"?
Did you get back up?! You might have cried from being disappointed or from getting a scratch or even felt hopeless after the 10th fall BUT You GOT UP ANYWAYS and TRIED AGAIN!
That is what I mean about how
"it doesn't matter so much as what you do but how you handle it."

You didn't give up! You preserved and finished something you started...no matter how many times you had to try/work on it. That's the way to handle things!
Emotions are the same thing. You are going to feel something. Everyone does, maybe even several times a day. What matters is how are you going to handle them or are your emotions going to handle you. Are you going to let them determine if you hold a grudge against someone, harbor guilt/anger for years to come, maybe even cause you not to trust people and becoming isolated? Will you let the feelings determine your mood/attitude or lead to cause you to lose your self-worth/identity?

Do you stuff your emotions? Because if you don't ever feel anything or talk about it, then you don't have to feel those feelings or worry about what comes next? And eventually it all goes away... Right?! WRONG! If this is you, you stuff everything down and think it will eventually go away....especially if you don't acknowledge it. However, if this is you, they don't go away and they will continue to try and surface until you do deal with them. Even if you have become a PRO at this, the only difference is you have a bigger WALL between you and everyone else. The only thing WALLS do is cut you off from the World and loved ones from truly connecting in complete relationships.


1.) You acknowledge the emotion.
Figure out what you are feeling and why. If you're Super Worried about something, you might really have a fear of Failure. And you need to figure that out so you can deal with it.
NOTE: this can take a while. Especially if you are not use to identifying your feelings.
TIP: Get with someone you trust (i.e. mentor, pastor, best friend, etc) to talk it out with you. Someone that is mostly going to listen but also help you look inward more so.
TIP: if you don't know how to describe the feeling, look at a list of emotions. Just reading through them might help trigger something. Click HERE for a list. Click HERE for list/definitions. This is the Best one I think, with the Emotions & the Subcategories.

2.) Look at how your emotions lines up with God's Word.
If you are not a Believer in the Lord, Jesus Christ, you might start to skip this one. BUT WAIT! This is where I have found the ability to NOT ALLOW MY EMOTIONS TO CONSUME ME.
Emotions can wear me out. That's why I like to deal with them and move on ASAP! However, one of the hardest emotional experiences I've had in a long time was over this summer.
I had the following emotions due to a situation: deep hurt, betrayal, stunned/took by surprise, resentment, anger, anxiety, great sadness. The hurt as so deep and hard, I didn't want to deal with it because when I felt it was overwhelming. In fact, I prayed God would remove me from the situation so it would just go away. So I started to turn to God for help and what I should do. He lead me first to Matthew 18:15, "If your brother sins against you, go and show him his faults" and then Ephesians 4:15, "speaking truth in Love." I knew I was going to have to confront the person and the situation, which is not my strength.
So I kept searching God's Word for guidance and met with my mentor on praying what to do next with the emotions and the situations. It seemed that most scripture was telling me how to deal with the emotions I was feeling:
  • The Wise turn away from Anger. (Pro. 29:8)
  • We are not to judge one another. That is God's duty (Romans 8:34)
  • Judge not or you too will be judged. (Matthew 7:1)
  • Know that God is faithful to those faithful to Him. (Ps. 31:23)
  • We are to Cast all of our Cares upon Him (aka we are to worry because He does that for us)
  • To have faith (He will provide) (1 Peter 5:7)
  • We are not to let our heart be troubled. Believe in God! (John 14:1)
  • Rejoice Always (1Thessalosains 5:16)
I believe that God knew the heart would be so strong and hard to conquer with the flesh, which is why His Word is full of encouragement and insight of how to deal with anger, sadness, joy, worry, sorrow, great lost, pain, etc. Which brings me to #3.

3.) Make a Decision.
Once we feel, we have to make a decision.
Are we going to hold onto everything or we are going to let go and let God?
We are going to take matters into our own hands or Believe in God and trust Him as our Lord and Savior?
Are we going to chose to "Rejoice always" or allow that anger to become resentment, sorrow to turn into depression or worries to result in high stress?
I know that choosing to "Rejoice Always" seems unrealistic and impossible. Nevertheless, God tells us to do so. We are suppose to strive for it. {Strive: to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something} We aren't perfect (that is who Jesus is!) so we are going to mess up on this some how some time. But like everything else we learn from the Word, it is a daily effort to Pick up our Cross and Follow Christ every single day.

A great man pointed out once that in Ps 103, God remembers who we are, that we can from Dust. So He remembers what He made us out of and knows we are not going to be perfect. But God again does not ask for perfection from us. But we are called to serve and to not be lukewarm.

So remember, Emotions are normal and everyone has them. Also remember they are of the flesh and to keep your emotions in check, try dealing with them according to God's will and having Faith that God will take care of those who are faithful to Him. Finally, because emotions are of the flesh, we have to chose how they will effect our lives before those emotions decide for you. Meaning, who you are and how you deal with emotions is up to you!

I leave you with this photo by Ron DiCianni entitled "Forgiven". The title speaks for it's self. But the reason for posting it, this is how I felt this summer: Beaten up and done. I needed a Savior to save me and I got the one and only Savior. Jesus Christ has my back and is holding me up! Praise God, Praise God for His Grace and Love!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Being newly weds and leaning on God to provide every single detail of our lives....I am always looking for ways to make an extra buck or to get something for free! My newest thing this year has been MyCokeRewards.com. For those of you drink Coke Products or know people who do, you should invest your time into this.

With MyCokeRewards God has blessed me with a free subscription to Better Homes N' Gardens, a Lands' End Bag, free movie tickets with a Coke drink and now Chili's $5 Gift card. There is so much more to the endless prices you can send the points on! The trick: Taking the time to save up the points, the time to enter them in.

1.) First you find and collect CODES FOR POINTS.

Where you find the Codes for Points & What do they look like:

  • The codes will be 12 to 14 letters and/or numbers long (i.e. J790L8KJBN44, DKUNGFPOMLKPHH)
  • You can find them on the inside of the plastic bottle lids (from 12oz bottles to 3 litters.
  • Also, on the inside of the boxes when you buy mass quantity of 12oz Cans (8 cans to 32 cans.
  • Coke Products include: Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Minute Maid, Fanta, Fresca and more.
  • NOTE: there are no cokes on the cans themselves and Dasani water bottles do not have codes on their lids.

2.) Sign-up and Sign-in

  • All it takes is an Email to Sign-up at MyCokeRewards.com.
  • Enter in each code, one at a time and the points start to rack up.
  • You can enter in 120 points a week (the week rolls over 12AM Mondays)

3.) How much are they worth?

  • Codes can be 3 points (bottle lids) to 32 points (codes inside the box of a 32 pack of 12oz Cans)
  • Prizes can be any where from 0 points (instant winnings) to thousands of points or you can enter Sweepstakes for 3pts at a time.

What are some of the prizes?

  • Over 40 Magazines Subscriptions to pick from (Martha Stewart Living-400pts, Traditional Home-133pts, Comfort Foods-166pts, Fitness-120pts, and more)
  • A Ticket to a Movie at AMC Theaters + a Large Coke
  • A Blockbuster Rentals
  • Free Stuff from www.SnapFish.com (prints, photo mugs, calendars, etc)
  • Music Downloads
  • Gift Cards toward Budget Car Rentals, Hotel Stays, Omaha Steaks, Stores (K-Mart), Online Stores (shoes.com), Restaurants (Chili's) and more.
  • Coco-Cola products (watch, shirts, Cokes drinks, screensavers, portable speakers, and more)
  • Over 1,000 points products are like Panini Grill Maker, Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils, Jewelry, and more)

Some Examples of what God has blessed our Household with thus Far through www.MyCokeRewards.com :

1 Year Subscription to “Better Homes and Garden” Magazine. (133 points) I started to receive the magazine in 6 weeks later and they come every week.

Free Admission to a Movie at AMC Theaters (includes IMAX Theaters) with a Free Large Coke (240pts)

$5 Gift Card to Chili’s Restaurant (140pts)
50 Free 4x6 prints from www.SnapFish.com (Zero pts) This was an instant winning.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marriage Tip #4: Command Central

One I know is an ever-lasting job is keeping the family all on the same page. Even after 2 yrs this job is still in the making. Nevertheless I am about to share my tips and failures. Do what you must with them as you accomplish this task with your own families.


TRIED #1: We started with a 12-month wall calendar and would fill in as you go.
PRO: We could fill in events as we went.
CON: My, Husband, was use to keeping everyone on his blackberry or online, so this change was challenging.
CON: We couldn't enter events ahead of time when we close to the end of the year.
CON: Had to re-write in important dates like Birthdays, etc...every year.

TRIED #2: Next, we both have a hotmail email account. So we "shared" calendars.
PRO: Alex, my husband, could input events and since we "share" our calendars, it would automatically input it into my calendar.
PRO: We can print off the calendars for each month and they will combine our calendars into one Monthly.
CON: I have to color in the colors each month because I'm too cheap to spring for the Color ink (smile)
PRO: I only enter in Birthday Events once and since you have the option of re-occurring events, they will show up every year. (so only enter once).


When we first got married, there was several times I would get this phone call from Alex, "Honey, can you check your car, I think my car keys are in it." Or us walking around the house looking for them. We needed a central place to keep them.

TRIED #1: Had a drop basket.
CON: Everything else ended up in the basket, so when we would leave, we would have to dig through everything else to get to the keys.

TRIED #2: So on this bulletin board, I added some hooks (about a $1 from Walmart for 8 of them).
PRO: It's right next to the door, so when you walk in the hooks are right there.
PRO: on hooks make them easy to see and find. No basket to search through.
PRO: Basket is now gone and not extra clutter sitting right next to the door.

I got this Christmas Card Holder from T.J. Max, clearanced for 75% off after the holidays. Then I made tags for "His", "Hers", "Coupons", for each pocket. So when I check the mail, this is where it goes.


I saved the best for last. This one is the most challenging for us! Figuring out who does what and how often. Some times Alex has time or I might have more time.
When we first got married my other issue was I was so use to doing things my way that I thought it was the only way. So the first year was me learning there is more than one way to get the house cleaned. However we do still disagree on a couple of things; like on how full the dishwasher should be before running it.
Next we needed to figure out how to communicate what needed to be done and when and by whom.

TRIED #1: Assigning a chore to each day.
CON: Over kill on cleaning
CON: Felt like I was cleaning every day and we don't even had kids yet.
CON: felt like I was the one doing all the cleaning.

TRIED #2: Message board and would write down what needed to be down.
PRO: Alex is visual and it was in a place he would look.
CON: he wouldn't know when I wrote it and who was suppose to do it. Then he would just forget about it.

TRIED #3: Make a Chore Chart. Did this with the cartridge from Cricut called Chore Chart.
PRO: Visual, you can pick the day, as long as it is done by the end of the week.
PRO: Clearly communicates who is doing what.
CON: it takes a while to make it. (I actually enjoyed this part because I like stuff like this!)
YES: This works for us! Alex see's what I need for him to do, he picks a day that works for him and he does it. If he can't then he can communicate with me so I don't feel like he has forgotten just that it might have to wait until the next week, etc.


So this is what is right next to the door. We see it every day. The Calendar is front and center. The Chore Chart is visible and clear on who is to do what and the person picks the day to do it. WE have a place for our keys and where we can check our mail everyday.

So what are somethings that have worked or no so worked for you?!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Birthday week!

September was so busy that before I knew it, the month was over and I had full intensions to blog about the month. But then before I could event download the pictures, October came and went as well! So I will do my best to sum it all up as great as possible....

I know this is a hard thing to start off with but this our life. We had a young man enter our life and within just a few seconds, Alex saw him leave this life. Blake was a 19 year old that was dating Alex's cousin and while at the lake Alex witnessed him have a heart-attack. The great news is he accepted Christ just 3 weeks earlier! Praise God for His Grace and Salvation!
There were 2 other friends of ours that experienced a lost of someone young. The weekend was a challenge to see death as a reality that life is short! What is the Legacy you are leaving?!
The following Sunday at Fellowship was a sermon to help start healing this void by speaking on the Passage of Mary tell Jesus (after the passing of Lazarus) "Lord if you had been her earlier, my brother would not be dead." The passage is such a comfort for the feelings we have when we lose someone so unexpectedly and how Jesus sympathizes with our feelings but has a plan in the end.
Things got better by God providing us with the joy of going to the Hog's home games. What a Birthday present for us both!
I had my birthday and got this White Fossil Watch I have had my eyes on all year! Please that weekend,
Alex did out typical birthday breakfast and Bikes Blues BBQ visit (that was the first night we spent visiting with each other when we first met!) We had frozen yogurt at the Midnight Berry on Dickson Street.

The Good Year Blimp was in town for the first big game of the year for the Hogs! Plus I got this super fun Chore Chart Cartige for my Cricut and now we are organized in keeping the house in order.
Then we Celebrated everyones birthday together with myside of the family.

Then there was OCTOBER
We celebrated Alex's birthday with his Sister and Nephew by cooking steaks, had buttercream cupcakes and Alex playing video games with his Nephew. We love that kid! We went to several Fayetteville Bulldogs to support our favorite Player Tyler Tipton #63! Go Dawgs Go!
Alex got his Deer Hunting on in Booneville (at Deer Camp) while I headed North to Point 11 in Missouri for the Singles Fall Retreat! It was so hard being so far apart but we made it!
Alex slaved away for school and has done AWESOMELY! God has been so faithful that where Alex puts in the Study time, God has be there ever class and test to help Alex Glorify God in his grades!
The Singles ministry I work for, then put on our Annual Costume Party and have a great turn out with lots of great fun and costumes! This year we had a photographer come in and do a photo-booth! So fun!

And Now its NOVEMBER!!!

Tonight is Daylight savings time (which did you know not all states recognize this? They never fall back or spring forward! Craziness!) Anyways, since we FALL BACK and GAIN AN HOUR TONIGHT...I'm off to bed to GAIN THAT EXTRA HOUR OF SLEEP!

My First Deer Camp

A couple of weekends ago, Alex planned a trip to deer camp and I went with him. This was my first time to go to any deer camp...period. I was, admittedly, nervous about the whole weekend. However, it wasn't all that bad. I enjoyed going 4 wheeling and being some where you didn't get cell phone range. The weather was nice and I got to take some neat pictures and as well as hangout with my mother-in-law and watch some cute movies. One was the documentary on "Babies". Its the story of three between birth and their 1 yr birthday. IT is so cute to watch! IT's a must see! I will be returning to Deer camp next weekend with all of Alex's family. I plan on taking clothes so I can see Alex's deer stands. More to come on that...

Pee-Pee Tee-Pees

I know you're reading this title thinking, what in the world!

This are someone of the most genius things I have every heard of! They are designed for baby boys and when you are changing their diapers. See, if you have ever changed a little boy's diaper, you know that you can have a "shower" coming. So theses P-P T-P's are designed to be put on the Pee-Pee so that if they "shot a gyser" then the do so in the Tee-Pee and not on YOU!

Plus the are wash-washable! So when your done and re-use! I made these for my cousin who just had their first, who is a precious baby boy! Welcome Case!!!

So here is THE HOW TO...
Terry Clothe
Soft Fannel
Matching thread
Coordinating Ribbon

1.) Cut a circle with the diameter of 5-6" out of both pieces of Fabric. I did 5" with the bottom of a jar. It it so much easier tracing the circles perfectly each time.

2.) Then cut the circle in half like a semi-circle.

3.) Next, we Sew! Start in the middle of the straight edge.

4.) Sew to the edge, around the circle and then stop right when you got to the straight edge; sticking will be look like a "G".

5.) Now turn right side out.

6.)Next, cut a piece of ribbon 7" long.

7.) Twist to make a loop.

8.) Tuck in the loose ends into the open part of the semi-circle.

9.) Then fold over the ribbon on the flannel side.

10.) Then fold over the circle where the ribbon and Flannel are inside and terry cloth on the outside. Now sew the edge that is still open. (I had to hand sew this closed due to thickness). (all like below)

11.) Then turn it right side out once completed and TADA! DONE!

To top everything off, I made this tag with my Cricut Machine and wrote a message to explain this super fun Baby Shower Gift!