Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marriage Tip #2: Weekend Get-a-ways as AWESOME!!!

Alex and I decided Thursday we would get a hotel room Friday night, ordered in and spent an entire 24 hours isolated with just each other (wink).  The time together, no phones, internet, house to clean, etc....was so great!!!  All we had to concentrate on was each other.  So, getting away is relaxing and renewing.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Marriage tip #1: Time-Management with Date Nights

For the most part of life, time management wasn't all that complicated.  There was school and work to fit in after Church, family and friends.  It all fit and worked out.  Married life and time management seems to be a WHOLE other story.  It's like when you are getting ready in the mornings... if you have too much time to get ready then you get side tracked or loss track of time while filling in extra time you have.  BUT then all the suddenly you have too LITTLE time to get ready and then your rushing to catch up.  OR if you over sleep, you rush to get ready and somehow get it all done just in time to leave (even though you were short on time).  The same goes for married life.  It is simply amazing how an empty week can quickly be consumed by a yes here from Alex and a yes here from me.  Before you know it, you've gone Monday to Sunday in just a few short hours....or so it seems like. 
   Time is so precious and I value every moment Alex and I can get together.  That's why I love our Sunday nights.  We sit aside either Friday or Saturday night for DATE night and then Sunday nights we have a NO PLAN POLICY.  We don't make any plans with anyone or for anything so we can rest (as you suppose to do on Sundays) and then time together!  It is DEFINITELY something every married couple should have at least 2 nights a week set aside for you and your spouse only.  And at LEAST one should never more or be compromised.  It truly is a great commitment to  make to your spouse.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our new Life together

Alex and I have now been married for a whole 8 1/2 months. The almost full first year has been one packed with great memories. One's that I journal in hopes to share with our kids someday for a good laugh and/or lesson-to-be-learned. I wouldn't trade for anything, the love and life Alex and I have shared thus far. My time with him pushes me more in love with him every day and I love that, through thick or thin, he is my partner/lover/best friend for life.
When I was picking our our "Blog Title" I struggled with coming up with something catchy, cute and accurate. I started to pick the Cruisin' Constiens bc I feel that God has and will keep us moving. Cruising is defined as "sailing about in an area without a precise destination: e.g. for pleasure." Alex and I know we have a direction that points to God and pleasing Him in all that we do. However, when God asks us to move, sometimes or mostly, we may not know why and for what reason. We only have our directions to the next point, not the end destination. So with great joy/pleasure, we say YES and we go without knowing the "precise destination." Sounds like Crusin' Constiens could be a great fit. But then I thought of another one: Curious Constiens.
We all know the books "Curious George", with the monkey who is always getting into something and somehow getting into trouble but finding an adventure along the way. Now, before you start thinking the Constiens are nothing but trouble, let me explain! Between the two of us, we love to try to understand and learn from our past. And even though neither us love drama, go looking to get in the middle of anything, so how get get there anyways. I just chalk it up to living life. I think that is all George ever does, which is a wonderful illustration for my wonderful Alex. I tell him he is more "curious than causes" (quote from the Incredible Hulk Movie). He thinks more about enjoying and experiencing everything rather than what would be the outcome. I love to understand and one of my first words in life was "why" but to compliment Alex's personality, I tend to be more of the man in the yellow hat. I think about the outcomes and what needs to be accomplished before the adventure can happen. That is where God has perfectly paired us up for each other. Alex helps me to just be and live in order to not miss such great adventures. Where as I can assist in thinking things through when necessary to get to the rest of the adventures. Seeing how and why God paired us up together is just ONE of the many ways God has imprinted His fingerprints upon our life as the Curious Constiens.