Everyone wears several hats in life. Some of the Hats I wear are:

I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ! He has been my Savior since I can remember but my Relationship with Him has been ever growing since College. I have seen God move in my life, provide when I couldn't see how He would, answered prayer requests and shown me time and time again is is Truly the one and only God!

God blessed me in 2007 when I met this man who is handsome, Godly, Funny and a football player (swoon)!  Alex Constien!  We met at Church when he was about to move to Chile for Missions. Which he did for a couple of months, while we Skype dated.  But then God brought him home March of 2008; two weeks later Alex asked me to marry him!
We Got married July 5th, 2008 and God has blessed us everyday with moments of joy, lessons learned, shown us how to live up to our VOWS (there is a reason you say "for better or worse").  Nevertheless, I wouldn't want to live my life with anyone else.  Alex completes me in everyway, just as God created him.

Family has always been important to me. My parents and I have always been close. My dad is a pastor  & my mom is a 6th Grade Science Teacher; both of whom I admire  greatly for their faith and a marriage over 30 years long.  My little sister has become a great friend. Which is saying a lot, since when we grew up we fought like cats and dogs.  The rest of my family, we get together anytime we can because we know how time is priceless as well as Family!

I work at a church in NorthWest Arkansas with the Singles Ministry. I help coordinate events, set up Bible Studies, Disciple Women, etc.  The Discipleship is my favorite part! I didn't get married until I was 28, so I remember the challenges/blessings of Single-hood.  Some being content with live or wanting what you don't have....something we all deal with no matter our status.  So anything I can do to help women of faith through life is a joy for me to be apart of!

I love to make things out of nothing. I know I'm not any professional at anything but I love Scrapbooking (the only thing I love to collect are memories).  Photography is my new love of creativity and I hope to get good enough to even make money off it to support the hobby (it's not cheap).  Then there are crafts, creative hosting ideas, new ideas to organize, nesting!  I love it all!  I hope to share more of what I learn works and doesn't!

I love my friends as well as making new ones, so feel free to contact me or leave as many comments as you like.