Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let it Snow, let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Northwest Arkansas got Record breaking and all-time amounts of snow this last week and for the year!  We got 2 feet of snow!  The last time it snowed that much here was in 1905!  All week the temperature was below ZERO!  One morning it was -20-Degrees!!! That is an ALL-TIME RECORD! It has never been that cold here since they started recording weather back in the last 1800's.

Now with being Pregnant, my sweet husband swept all of the stairs and patio area so I would not slip and so nothing would become ice as it packs!  He also shoveled a path for me to the car! Here is pictures of him in actions! My Hero!

Here are a few pictures we took on the first day it was (what they called it) "Blizzard like conditions"....we did get 10 inches in just a couple of hours!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Our First Home....Constien Igloo!

So with all the snow NorthWest Arkansas has gotten, my sweet husband has been inspired to build our first Home....

Come on in!!!!

 Here is our Entry way...

....and the rest of it!

 What great curb appeal!

Meet Baby Constien!

We had our first big appointment with our first Sonogram where we got pictures of our wonderful little, or big, bundle of joy!

Alex asked our Doctor how big he or she was, so she measured the baby and laughed.  I wasn't sure what that meant but overall it was just that were probably further along than originally expected and moved our due date up to Aug. 8th from Aug. 15th.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

How we told our family, we were Pregnant!

When we found out we were pregnant, it was December 10th and the Doctor appointment to confirm was December 15th.  So it donned on us that we could surprise our families for Christmas!  What a treat!  Especially when both mom's had requested for Christmas for us to confirm we were "Trying"....hehehe!

So, after us "Googling" and dreaming up ways to share the good news, we came up with some great ideas and all were great but the winner was....

We made these cards at  The Photo Center online had all of these options and one of which was to make your own Christ Card. So the above was the front of the card and below was the inside of the card.  The wrote in the personal name for everyone that got one (i.e. Nanna Sue, Aunt Rachael, Paw-Paw) Here is ours for the Scrapbook!

Then when all the family was together (for each family Christmas) we told them we had made Cards this year and one for everyone.  So they all opened them at the same time and it was such a treat to see they faces and hear their responses!