Friday, October 15, 2010

No Worries

As I was debating on what to post first, I looked to see when I last wrote's been over a month! So much has happened and still so much to come. The first thing I wanted to share is the most recent, I have discovered a new life verse for myself. Or I should say, God have given me a new life verse.

It is 1 Peter 5:7:
"Cast all your cares upon Him for he cares for you!"

Like I said so much has gone on over the last several weeks, so much to accomplish, to get done, some things I have been anxious about and the words "what if" have seemed to become more apart of my thought process.
Then, this past Sunday, God gave me this verse. I decided to look it up on NetBible Website (which a wonderful site for breaking down scripture and getting the original Greek/Hebrew translations & user Friendly). I love doing this because it gives me more of what God is trying to teach me. So I here is what I came up with....

Starting with "Cast", the original meaning means "To Throw upon; place upon." I like the "throw upon". This would require complete let go of whatever it is your holding onto with decidation of trusting Christ to take "it" from you. It's not God "pulling" this from you or "prying back your fingers" to let go. Making me think that sometimes I am the latter and not so great as just giving it up to Christ until I am at my wit's end.

"All" is pretty straight forward of meaning "everything"; there is nothing to small or to big to give him. That's anything from "I want to lose 5 more pounds" to "Lord help me get everything done in one 24 hours of this day!"

"Cares". This one was the kicker for me! "Cares" had the definition of "care, anxiety, worries, concerns, worrying, castling." Those who know me, know I try to look for the positives in life, however I also pay attention to details, which can lead to being "concerned or anxious about things." That's my Positive spin on my worries so that it's not so much of a doubt or worry. But what this verse made realize, was not me being "concerned" and "just aware of the details", was that I was not Trusting Christ with my CARES and that I was not "CASTING" or "THROWING" my worries to Him. Even though my head knew God is bigger than our Circumstances, my heart was not living by that.

"Cares"....number 2.....Cast all your Cares upon Him because he Cares! This second "Care", the NetBible showed the original Hebrew Translation was slightly different from the first. It was defined as "to care about, cares, does worry, concerned, court." All of which were PRESENT tense. See God is the one that is meant to "CARE", as in worry about things, being concerned of the outcomes and concerned for everyone. He is the one who "Courts" our life.
The 1st "Care" is describing what we do and carry. The 2nd "Care" is describing what God does for us and how He feels about us. Therefore we should trust him more as he carries it all for us.

When I put all of that info together, here is what I saw (my own Message Translation):

"Throw upon every individual & entire care, concern or worry you castle onto Him(Our Saviour & God), SINCE He already worries courts & cares about You!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Paper Tower

Hey there-

It's been way too long. September just came and went. I have so much to catch you all up on and I have several posts saved up to typed up soon.
But first, I know some of you are advent scrapbookers, organizers and multi-taskers. Well you need to check out this item at the Original Scrapbook box Website. From the Workbox, to the deskbox to the Paper Tower, these pieces of furniture are great for the crafter/organizer in all of us.

As a bonus there is a contest you can currently entire for a chance to win a Paper Tower!!

For details go to Rachelle's Writing Spot.