Friday, February 4, 2011

Our First Home....Constien Igloo!

So with all the snow NorthWest Arkansas has gotten, my sweet husband has been inspired to build our first Home....

Come on in!!!!

 Here is our Entry way...

....and the rest of it!

 What great curb appeal!

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Anonymous said...

1 F
2 to make new friends
3 springdale life
4 5 yrs
6 A

8 2 a semester
9 B
10 did things together
11 B
12 Yes. Bc my friends were
13 yes, bc it was something to do on FRiday night
13a more of an event than a worship service
14 Yes, sunday at 11AM
15 staying out of the grey area of life
16 yes
17 yes
18 yes
19 yes
20 mostly
21 for the most part
22 chose a different study and meet with the guys on an occation
23 to be my best friend and challenge me in my faith
24 no
25 no
26 definitely
27 mostly, but I work so late that I didn't always have time to do all of the lesson
28 more of the Bible
29 yes
30 to be open and honest with each other
31 no but yes
33 some prayer time to follow
34 not as much as I use to. maybe now once a week
35 1.5 hours every other week
36 none
37 hour
38 four hours
39 1 hours every other week
40 no
41 yes
I think that the ladies night was a great night! I loved the topic and the difference for a Night of worship. I would love to see us cover more topics like that. More that pertain to us as singles but something else