Monday, January 24, 2011

Your First Doctor’s visit, what you need to know

This first visit, and every visit from now on, you WILL pee in a cup. They will also do some blood work but that’s mostly the first visit.

Next they will ask a lot of question about your family health history as well as the baby’s dad’s family history.  So it is best if both of you can come to answer all of these questions.  They will also give you a due date as well as tell you how far along you are!!! (This was the best part for me! It made it so real for us!)  They will go over what to expect in the next couple of weeks and how often you will be visiting the doctor for the next 9 months or less. (see below for timeline)

Prenatal Doctor visits:
*First one to confirm!
*Next in 5 weeks  (when you are at 10-11 weeks to check your pelvic for birthing and possibly here the heart beat! I teared up for a moment thinking about that! So precious! (First Sonogram and first PICTURE!)
*After that will be a visit 1 per month until your 28th week (when they test for diabetes)
* Then you go to visit every 2 weeks
*The last month, you go to visit every week until you go into LABOR

Insurance and finance plan. Then someone there comes to talk to you about your insurance, what it covers and what you will be left with to pay for (FYI: this person has called your insurance Provider and asked all the questions needed to know what all you can get out of your policy.  So great!)  This amount covers (at least for us) pretty much all of the prenatal stuff and the delivery.  There are still some other bills you will occur while you are in the hospital such as for Anesthesiology, pathology and Baby Bills. 

(Baby Bills: after you give birth, there is a nurse that is assigned to your baby to take care of and examine.  You can actually request this person to be your family doctor if you so chose.  I don’t know which is cheaper.  Nevertheless, this bill covers this persons expenses charged)

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