Sunday, January 23, 2011

NOW, Before you Get Pregnant!

Here are a couple of things I have figured out within the first couple of months of this Pregnancy.  Hope they help out other women as they begin their journey through becoming a mommy!

A.) Take a prenatal vitamin now! 
And If you can, take a fish oil supplement as well.  You never know when you are going to get pregnant or if you going to have an “Opp’s” and you want your baby getting that nutrition ASAC (as soon as conceived).

B.) Starting asking questions now!
You might have friends that are having babies so ask them questions about what books they read, who is their doctor and how do they like them, what were the expenses like and how much did insurance cover? 
This helps you learn more about the process now (while you have time) and start to see what are the important questions to ask when it’s your turn.  Plus this might help you find the right doctor for you,  your husband and your baby. 

C.) Read Now!
Again, you have time now!  When we found out I was pregnant we were thinking “YAY! in 9 months we are having a baby!”  Then we go to the doctor a couple of days later to find out I am 5 weeks and 3 days.  So now all the sudden we are 7 months 2 weeks.”  IN OTHER WORDS, 9 months turns into 7 months like that; it goes quicker than you think!  Having as much knowledge now, while you have time, is a good idea!

D.) Workout  NOW!
I am currently in the “overweight” category so my weight is not ideal.  And Now that I am pregnant I can’t over do it by any means NOR can I try losing weight right now. 
So if you wanting to be in good shape (because you bounce back better after giving birth AND it’s safer for you and the baby) and you don’t want to be huge during the pregnancy…..start trying to lose weight and get in shape NOW!

E.) Save NOW!
For us, the first Doctors appt we were told, the  charge would be $100 to cover what the insurance didn’t cover or go to your payments for the prenatal – labor charges. 
Also at that first appt they go over what your insurance does cover and what you will be liable for after that. (Monthly payments and such). 
Most offices will sit down with you about what your insurance will cover and talk numbers with you from now until you give birth

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Catherine said...

Excellent advice, momma! Now is a good time to get your house in order, too. Not just metaphorically but spring/baby cleaning, too. Time to have a garage sale and clean those hard to reach places before you can't bend down anymore. :)